The infiltrations are drug injections directly into the joint to be treated or into the anatomical structure that needs it (i.e. bag under acromial). This treatment has great advantages compared to other therapies, as it allows you to go straight to the target by taking the drug only where it is needed with sometimes surprising results. The infiltrative treatment involves more often the use of hyaluronic acid (lubricating, pain-relieving, and protective action), cortisone, or cells with regenerative power (cells that come from ultra-filtered blood or fat capable of transforming into new tissue). The result is linked to the characteristics of each patient, and the right indications. For this reason, each therapy is always tailored to each patient according to its personal and pathological characteristics.

Non-surgical treatments


"I am lucky to cooperate with exceptional facilities and excellent professionals also in the sports world to which I personally entrust my patients" Physiotherapy, in all its different facets, is a fundamental tool available in the various orthopaedic pathologies: either as an alternative or in association with drug therapy or surgery. I believe that there are few orthopaedic pathologies that can be effective without the right rehabilitation: from selective muscular strengthening to the recovery of gait, from proprioceptive gymnastics to the recovery of ROM (Range of Motion), and from analgesic therapy to instrumental therapy. I also believe that the good result of surgery is closely linked to good rehabilitation and that the FKT cannot be done without it.



“One more tool at the service of sportsmen and sportswomen“ Over the years, this therapy has become increasingly popular thanks to the results obtained, the improvement of technologies, and a more widespread diffusion. By shock wave therapy or ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy), we mean a treatment mediated by the transport of high energy through acoustic waves (focal or radial) in particular anatomical suffering areas. The fields of application are innumerable, but undoubtedly the most important application is in tendinopathies in particular Achilles, Rotulea, Epicondilaries of the rotator cuff, and Calcaneal Fasciopathies. The meaning of this treatment is not to destroy a calcification (not only) but to stimulate a biological reaction in a chronically suffering tissue. The use of these therapies can be isolated or in combination with other therapies, generally, the best results with ESWTs are obtained in combination with eccentric strengthening exercises.



“One of the first tasks of a doctor is to educate the masses not to take medicine” ( William Osler ) Medicines, whether they are pure analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed for a recent trauma or in the exacerbations of chronic pathologies or anti resorption, and calcium vitamin supplements in osteoporosis and algodystrophy, are always a powerful and sometimes indispensable available tool to the doctor and the patient. In my outpatient activity, I frequently recommend medicines to patients with the intention of bringing to a resolution of the symptoms avoiding side effects, for this reason, it is necessary to make them understand the careful use and necessity and the importance of not abusing them.