Treatable articular pathologies and surgery


Hip Pathologies:

  • Primary Osteoarthritis

  • Femoral Head Necrosis

  • Arthritis

  • Outcomes Congenital Dysplasia

  • Deformities in Traumatic Outcomes

  • Articular Blocks

  • Prosthetic and non-surgery results

  • Synovitis (Joint Inflammation)


Hip Surgery:

  • Hip replacement, only when other therapies have failed, is the advisable surgical procedure with a success rate of 98-99%.


Knee Pathologies:

  • Primary Osteoarthritis

  • Femoral Condyle Necrosis Arthritis

  • Arthritis

  • Knee Varo or Valgus

  • Deformities in Traumatic Outcomes

  • Meniscal lesions

  • Crusader ligament lesions

  • Osteo-cartilaginous lesions

  • Prosthetic and non-surgery results

  • Synovitis (Joint inflammations)

  • Femoral patellar malalignments

  • Relapsing patella dislocation

  • Tendinopathy and traumatic lesion

  • Tendinopathy and Traumatic Injury Rotula and Quadricipital

  • Bursitis Prerotulea


Knee Pathologies:

  • Mono-compartmental or total knee prosthesis

  • Cross ligament reconstruction in arthroscopy

  • Arthroscopic treatment of Meniscus and Cartilaginous lesions

  • Osteocartilagineous transplants

  • Osteotomy correction deformity

  • Stabilisation and patellar realignment

  • Scarification, regeneration and tendon transplantation

  • Removal Prerotulea Bag and Baker Cysts


Ankle Pathologies:

  • Sprains

  • Ligament injuries with joint instability Achilles Tendinopathy

  • Recent and inveterate injuries Achilles Heel

  • Peroneal dislocation

  • Arthrosis

  • Astragalus Necrosis

  • Cartilage Injuries and Osteochondropathy

  • Synovitis and Impingement

  • Deformities and movement limitations in Traumatic Outcomes


Ankle Surgery:

  • Reconstruction of ligaments

  • Anterior and posterior arthroscopy

  • Cartilage transplants

  • Reconstruction of Achilles tendons

  • Tendon stabilization

  • Scarification and tendon regeneration

  • Ankle Prosthesis

  • Ankle Arthrodesis


Foot Pathologies:

  • Hallux valgus

  • Rigid Toe

  • Hammer Fingers and Other Digital Deformities

  • Metatarsalgia

  • Bunionette

  • Morton’s Neuroma

  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Haglund's disease

  • Tendinopathy Posterior Tibial

  • Child's and Adult's flat-prone foot

  • Arthrosis

  • Hollow Foot

  • Plantar

Alluce valgo

Foot Surgery:

  • Big Toe Correction, Hammer Fingers and Metatarsal Overloads with minimally invasive percutaneous

  • Big toe prosthesis

  • Metatarsals Correction Osteotomies

  • Neuroma removal

  • Tarsal Tunnel Liberation

  • Flatfoot Child Correction

  • Calcaneus Osteotomy for Prone Foot and Haglund

  • Arthrodesis of the Sub Astragalica and Arthrodesis other meso-retro foot levels

  • Transfert tendons

  • Percutaneous treatment of plantar Fasciopathies


Hand, Wrist and Elbow Pathologies:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (STC)

  • Snap Finger

  • Dequervain hand

  • Dupuytren hand

  • Cysts

  • Elbow Ulnar Nerve Compression

  • Tennis Elbow and Golfer (Epicondylitis and Episcleritis)

tunnelcarpale copia

Hand, Wrist and Elbow Surgery:

  • Median Nerve Wrist Neurosis (STC)

  • Tendon Decompression and Guainotomy (Snap Finger and De Quervain)

  • Aponeurectomy and Percutaneous Hand Percutaneous Cordotomy (Dupuytren hand)

  • Cysts and Neoformations Removal

  • Neurolysis Ulnar Nerve

  • Removal Oleocranial Bag

  • Scarification, Regeneration and Tendon Section Epicondyle and Epitrochlea


Shoulder Pathologies:

  • Injury and Tendon Pathologies Rotator Cuff

  • Long Head Tendinopathy of the Biceps

  • Impingement Syndrome under Acromial


Shoulder Surgery:

  • Rotator cuff suture

  • Tenotomy or Tenodesis CLBO

  • Under Acromial Decompression