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Dr. Giorgio Garau

Surgical team manager for degenerative and sports pathology.


Giorgio Garau

As soon as I finished my university training, I won the competition as Orthopaedic Medical Director II level at ASL VCO. After two years, I landed at the Quadrante Orthopaedical Centre in Omegna (VB), centre of excellence for prosthetic and arthroscopic surgery, and, in general, for all the elective pathology in the orthopaedic field. In this way, I had the opportunity to gain a great clinical and, above all, surgical experience despite my very young age.
The areas of greatest interest and surgical development concern hip and knee prosthetics, arthroscopic and sports surgery - knee and ankle ligament, the treatment of tendon pathologies (in particular of the patella and Achilles) and, last but not least, the correction of foot deformities with the most recent minimally invasive techniques, thanks also to a two-year super-specialist course with the 2nd level University Master in Foot Surgery at the Biomedical Campus of Rome in 2010-2012. In 2016, when I became Team Manager, I expanded both the Outpatient and Surgery network, working as a freelancer not only at the COQ of Omegna, but also in Sardinia at the "Casa di Cura Polispecialistica Sant'Elena" in Cagliari and other private facilities.
Over the years, I have always tried to keep alive one of my greatest orthopaedic passions: sports traumatology.
I always try to stay close to the athletes, if possible, also on the field, working with athletic trainers and physiotherapists to prevent injuries and to the quickest and best recovery of the same when suffered. For this reason, even today, I still hold the role of reference orthopaedic consultant for various sports clubs, for professional athletes and not of numerous sports.
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  • Orthopaedist Contact person for clubs and professional athletes Basketball, Football, Athletics, Boxing, Martial Arts

  • Special surgical experience in hip and knee prostheses, arthroscopies and ligaments, and tendon injuries

  • Clinical experience as a doctor for almost 20 years with more than 4000 visits per year

  • About 400 surgeries per year (prosthetics, ligament reconstructions, arthroscopies, foot corrections) as first practitioner

  • Targeted infiltrative therapies

  • Clinical and surgical activities in Northern Italy (Piedmont, Lombardy) and Sardinia

  • More than 2 years of both specialised medical studies and training abroad (Germany and England)

  • Scientific activity and constant updates on the most advanced and modern types of conservative and surgical treatment

  • Orthopaedic surgeon qualified to practise medicine in Switzerland

  • Already a member of the Order of Doctors of Great Britain

  • University Master's Degree UCBM Rome

  • Continuous and active collaboration with other doctors, physiotherapists, athletic trainers, and technical professionals to always offer the best and widest therapeutic possibility

  • Advanced use of minimally invasive techniques with rapid foot recovery

  • A year of specialization spent in the department of reconstructive microsurgery and hand surgery





  • 2001-02Scholarship winner

    I spent the academic year 2001-02 at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany) as a winner of an international university scholarship.
  • 2002Degree in Medicine and Surgery

  • 2003Entered the medical order

    Since 2003 I am member of the Order of Doctors and Surgeons of Cagliari’s province. My registration number is 8182.
  • 2006-07Fellowship Sports Traumatology and Research in the UK

    In 2006-07 fellowship of 12 months in Sports Traumatology and Research in the UK at Stoke University as a winner of a scholarship from the Italian Society of Orthopaedics.
  • 2007GMC Enrolment

    Enrolled in 2006 at the GMC (Order of Doctors of Great Britain).
  • 2007Specialisation in Orthopaedics and Traumatology

    Specialised in Orthopaedics and Traumatology in 2007 always with top marks in the shortest possible time.
  • 2010-12Master’s Degree of University Biennial

    In 2010-12 Master’s Degree of University Biennial in Foot and Ankle Surgery at the University Biomedical Campus of Rome.
  • 2015Specialised habilitation in Switzerland

  • 2016-2020Enhancing clinical and surgical activity